I have been privileged to work with incredible colleagues and visionary clients throughout my career. Together we have created marketplaces, brought individuals together and enabled people to thrive financially.


A large part of my career has been devoted to experience design in Financial Services, therefore much of my UX portfolio is not publicly available. I WOULD BE HAPPY TO WALK YOU THROUGH DETAILED examples OF MY WORK IN PERSON - PLEASE CONTACT ME TO SCHEDULE SOME TIME to do so.

Photo credit: Mark Opland  under   CC

Photo credit: Mark Opland under CC

Oakland Sustainability Jam

One weekend in November, 2013 a diverse group of creative, passionate people met, formed teams and got to work in a global service design event. Over the course of 48 hours, we ideated, researched, and prototyped brand new products, services, and programs around the theme of sustainability.

As a member of a small team of committed service design leaders, I helped plan and facilitate the workshop which was run in concert with a worldwide community of Jammers.


Photo credit:  Darren W  under  CC

Photo credit: Darren W under CC

biometric authentication for a top five bank

How does a big bank envision the future of security and customer authentication? Working in close partnership with an internal team of strategists and stakeholders, we designed the Android and IOS interfaces for biometric (fingerprint) authentication for mobile and tablet. We also acted as advocates for the digital channel as stakeholders from across the enterprise envisioned how biometric authentication could be governed and executed across a diverse set of channels including phone, branch, ATM, web and mobile.

Photo Credit:  Lucas Hayas  under  CC

Photo Credit: Lucas Hayas under CC

Paperless strategy for a top five bank

In close partnership with their head of customer experience, we created a strategic vision and roadmap for a paperless future. Starting with over 200 pages of documentation, we synthesized existing research down to 49 key insights highlighting customer barriers and behavioral drivers. We then prototyped three paperless concepts in the context of the bank's future-state design system. Finally, we prioritized capabilities and features into a 3 year roadmap representing $15 million in investment and a projected $147 million in cost savings (their estimates). 


Ariosa Diagnostics website

Ariosa Diagnostics engaged us to create a website that would bring their new brand to life while also featuring their flagship product, the Harmony Prenatal Test. Speaking to both expecting mothers and their healthcare providers, we designed the website to clearly lay out the benefits of their amazing technology in a way that is empowering, honest and approachable. We worked closely with their CEO and heads of Marketing and Sales to prioritize features and clarify their messaging, and provided creative direction, development and training on their new website and CMS.

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