The first post is always the hardest

I am not sure why I have never published any of my thoughts.

Maybe it comes from a lack of confidence... Maybe I never had the time... Maybe I don't particularly like writing... 

The honest truth is it is some combination of the three.

I have always found writing very difficult. It takes careful planning, elegant execution, and a healthy dose of chutzpah. While public speaking also requires these things, it is much easier to control since you have an active feedback loop with your audience. You can adjust your message and delivery style if the audience is giving the wrong signals.

With writing you don't get that. For example, right at this moment I have no idea if my readers have made it this far or if I had lost them at paragraph two. I am unaccustomed to the lack of control.

Confidence is also a key factor. The design community is blessed to have some terrifyingly smart and articulate thinkers, and it is hard to imagine myself in their company. I am sure this is what every author feels when comparing their own work to Faulkner, Hemmingway or Woolf.

Maybe, therein lies the key. Rather than holding myself up to a standard defined by the work others, I should strive to set my own standards, to find my own voice.

I just need to write and let the chips fall where they may.

I hope you enjoy.


Header image credit: Buzz Aldrin.  Image is in the public domain via Wikipedia. Aldrin photographed this bootprint about an hour into their lunar extra-vehicular activity on July 20, 1969, as part of investigations into the soil mechanics of the lunar surface. This photo would later become synonymous with humankind's venture into space.